IVRCL & IVRCL A&H merger – An arbitrage opportunity off

Dear Readers, If you remember, we got some easy 12-14% return (in just 2-3 months) in the de-merger Risk arbitrage opportunity of Piramal Life and Piramal Healthcare (Search Piramal in the search box for details). Now, do we have a similar arbitrage opportunity in the case of the proposed merger scheme of IVRCL Ltd and IVRCL Assets & Holdings Ltd.? Let’s find out Disclaimer: The below article is based on some initial research done at our end. This should not…

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Cera Sanitaryware Ltd – Results update for the quarter

Dear Members, As mentioned in our Alpha Weekly update for 22nd Jan’12, the results season has begun and the first company (amongst the Alpha Recommendations) to announce its results is Cera Sanitaryware Ltd (NSE CodeĀ  CERA). The results of Cera Sanitaryware are of significant importance to us as we have suggested the highest portfolio allocation (more than 10%) and we are happy to announce that the company has performed as per our expectations. As can be observed from the above…

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You will grow, not because the sector is growing, but b

Dear Readers, Kenneth Andrade is the man behind the country’s most successful mid-cap fund, the IDFC Premier Fund. Kenneth Andrade Profile: He has worked in the Indian mutual fund industry for more than 15 years. He picks tomorrow’s blue-chip stocks from today’s numerous mid-cap companies Investment philosophy: He hitched his fund wagon to the theme of consumption and food inflation more than two years ago and his top picks too have remained the same over that period. Other interests: Stays…

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APW President Systems Ltd – An investment opportunity o

Dear Readers, What if I offer your 10-12% return on your investment, over the next 3 months, on almost a risk free basis? (Well there’s nothing like risk free, even the Govt. bonds, considering the debacle in countries like Greece, however certain investment options are considered to be risk-free in nature including the Govt. backed bonds.) Considering the fact that a lot of investors are running behind bond issues offering 8-9% annual post tax returns, I am sure most of…

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