Are you bullish on HDFC Bank? Get paid for buying it at 550 (CMP – 600)

Dear Readers, Imagine walking into your favorite shop and noticing a sign that reads: “20% off Specially Marked Items”…not only that, there’s a part underneath that reads: “And we’ll pay for it, too“ Well, the above is unlikely to happen at your favorite shop; however stock market offers such opportunities. How? Read below to find out For the moment wear the hat of an investor and assume that you like HDFC Bank and wish to own its shares; however you want to…

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Rakesh Jhunjhunwala says – One of the best time to buy equities & Stocks available at chor bazaar rates

Dear Readers, These days investors do not like talking about stock market and even get irritated…but they are also the ones who have been unsuccessful or consider stock market investing as gambling. While it’s important to gain insights from those who have been unsuccessful (you can avoid same mistakes), it’s is even more important to listen to those who have been successful and amassed enormous wealth from their investment in stocks. In this article we would like to share with…

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Market forecasts and how to deal with them?

Dear Sir, Markets keep surprising everyone. Just 10-15 days back SENSEX was at 17,800 and NIFTY at 5,100 and everyone on the street had started writing doomsday stories (partially the effect of reading money control) for the rupee and the market and contemplated exiting completely from equities. Based on the prediction of so called market experts on blue channels, many of our members sought our advice on if they should exit completely and wait for NIFTY levels of 4,800 for re-entering. Now…

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Swaraj Engines – High quality stock, monsoon play and Mahindra & Mahindra parentage

Dear Readers, In all the gloom and doom surrounding the Indian economy, there’s been one major positive this year and that is above average rainfall in almost all the parts of India. The cumulative rainfall for the country as a whole till 28th Aug’13 was 11% above the average. The rainfall has been in excess of 15% in all the regions, except east and northeast India where it’s 29% below average. We believe good monsoon augurs well for companies related…

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