Amara Raja Batteries – Booking complete profit around current levels of 600

Dear Readers, More than 2 years back in May 2012 we recommended Amara Raja Batteries (NSE Code – AMARAJABAT) to our Alpha/Alpha + members around Rs 150/-(adjusted for 2:1 split), and now on 28th Sep’14 we recommended complete profit booking around current levels of 590-600. It’s actually unfortunate that we had to recommend profit booking because we like the business and the long-term prospects of Amara Raja Batteries, however we were increasingly getting uncomfortable with some of promoter’s practices and thereby decided to exit…

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[Latest Report] Alpha stock – Leading player, strong entry barriers and very good growth prospects

Dear Readers, 2 days back we released a detailed report (24 pages) on a very good stock for investment for our Alpha and Alpha + members and would like to share with you details on the same. If you are a smart investor and like to invest in leading companies in their respective industries, businesses with strong entry barriers and very good long term growth prospects, then as you will realize on reading the below details, our latest stock recommendation (Name of the company – P*******s)…

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