[New]: Alpha stock – Good, strong, consistent company at right valuations

Few days back we released the latest Sep’15 research note on an emerging company for our Alpha and Alpha + members and would like to share with you details on the same. We have always believed that it’s important to get the four pillars of stock selection right; they are: business, management, financial performance and the valuations. If the above four are strong (reasonable in case of valuations), you probably have a long term winner at hand and that seems…

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Market correction and Chinese economy…what’s your view?

Dear Readers, Over the past few days there have been some queries regarding market correction, Chinese economy and its impact, etc…frankly it’s just been 10-15% and considering the upside witnessed previously during the 18-24 months period, correction sooner or later was anyways on the cards. The valuations were also stretched and even now in certain categories the valuations are stretched, so further 10-15% correction in SENSEX/NIFTY can’t be ruled out. If it will happen or not is something I don’t…

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Focused Portfolio approach: Important principles of stock selection

Dear Readers, Having read about Warren Buffett, several investors like to practice and emulate his consolidated portfolio approach, however following an approach without following the principles of the same can be disastrous as is the case with several investors. Recently read The Warren Buffett Way by Robert G. Hagstrom…the book is excellent and as the title suggests it encapsulates the Warren Buffett’s way of investing. The book also outlines Buffett’s tenets i.e. the tenets for following focused investing (consolidated portfolio…

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