Dear Sir,

No one likes downturn in economy…however, most of the time they prove to be cyclical and get followed by upturn.

Thus, if you can keep your cool and don’t get overwhelmed by the noise around, there are ways you can benefit from the same.

Look around, there are huge discounts/offers on Cars, Apparels, Electronics, etc.

Similarly, if you are an investor, there cannot be a better time to invest in stocks as there are so many good small and mid cap stocks down 40-70% from their highs and offering tremendous value.

As a matter of fact, if you are going to buy a newly launched car model, latest I-phone, or even Stocks during mad frenzy, you will end up paying a higher price.

Once the frenzy subsides or during downturns, the same products and investments are available at deep discounts and that’s when smart buyers/investors hit the hammer.

Even we want more investors to subscribe in this lean period and benefit from eventual up turn in markets 2-3 years down the line. Thus, we are happy to offer you the following Coupon code for Premium membership:

  1. Coupon code for 15% off: GGRCYRCK


Coupon code is limited for first 200 users in Sep’19 (122 used till date). It can be used at the following LINK (credit card/debit card/net banking payment options).


Let us know in case of any queries.


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