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Today, we would like to share with you an update on the performance of our Premium Subscriptions i.e. Alpha and Alpha + Model sheets as on 15th Jun’21.

We started maintaining Model Sheets since 15th Aug’18 to compare our equity research performance against the benchmark indices and the performance has been decent with almost 100% return (27% CAGR) in around 2.8 years (34 months).

We primarily focus on small and mid cap stocks as we are able to understand small and mid-sized businesses relatively better than large conglomerates. 

We have also checked the performances of the best performing Mid, Small, Multi-cap, Large cap funds and it feels good to have outperformed almost all of them. Of course, they have their own limitations of large fund size, inflow-outflow of funds, etc and therefore not strictly comparable.

The Model Sheet service was started on 15th Aug’18 and the purpose of the same was 2-fold:

  • Determine performance of our stock research on Portfolio basis (against benchmark indices) than on individual stock basis.
  • Give an easily replicable (from any point onwards) tool to members so that they can make the most of our equity research services

As far as second point regarding replicability and from any point onwards is concerned, mostly members tend to ignore the same and here I would like to spend some time on the topic.

Just like a mutual fund, in the latest Model sheet update, you will find weightages for all the stocks at that particular date. The weightages are based on the current value of the holding in the stock and the total portfolio value. If one were to replicate the same weightages and make the changes as per subsequent updates, the returns will mirror that of Model sheet.

Example: Let’s assume the current value of the Portfolio is 50 lakhs. Suppose the same increases to Rs 60 lakhs in the next 12 months, then all those who would have replicated it with similar weightages would notice a similar 20% increase in their portfolio value.

Note: Model sheet is an information service, same for all and a reflection of our research analysis. It doesn’t take into account anyone’s personal financial situation or risk profile. Please consult your Investment Adviser before following or implementing the same partially or in totality.


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Ekansh Mittal
Research Analyst