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Slowdown has its own benefits…you get everything at a discount

Dear Sir, No one likes downturn in economy…however, most of the time they prove to be cyclical and get followed by upturn. Thus, if you can keep your cool and don’t get overwhelmed by the noise around, there are ways you can benefit from the same. Look around, there are huge discounts/offers on Cars, Apparels, Electronics, etc. Similarly, if you are an investor, there cannot be a better time to invest in stocks as there are so many good small and…

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Never waste a good Slowdown and a Bear market

      Dear Sir, What is being said in this video by the management of Metro Shoes is so important for both the entrepreneurs and the investors As rightly said, “Never waste a good slowdown” and to add to it “a bear market” Important lessons for the investors: It’s important to be optimistic…talking too much negative adds to the negativity Slowdowns (bear market) keep happening…they are cyclical By being alert, positive and focusing on improvements, you can emerge stronger…

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[Latest]: Special situation opportunity: Buy-out from the promoters…expecting very good price

Dear Sir, When markets go through a tumultuous period, it’s important to have some stocks whose movements are not so much correlated to the overall movement of the market and sometimes we find such stocks in Special situation opportunities (SSOs). SSOs constitute opportunities arising out of corporate actions like de-merger, buy-back, de-listing, merger, rights issue, etc. The purpose of SSOs is to park the surplus funds (normally deployed in liquid/short term debt funds) at much better rate of return with seemingly…

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Annual Results: Reading between the lines

Dear Sir, Year ending and half yearly results communicate way more information than 1st and 3rd quarter results. This is so because companies share their balance sheets and there’s so much more to interpret from balance sheets and annual reports. Off-late, we have been reading Annual Reports of several small capital goods companies and have noticed some interesting points from the balance sheets: Source: Katalyst Wealth Research  Good jump in inventory at the end of Mar’19 despite strong sales in…

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