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Bang Overseas – A classic case of special situation and

Dear Readers, Special situations are unusual circumstances that a company or its stock can face. These could be turnaround stories, mergers or acquisitions, new products or new business streams being launched or simply stocks that are out of favour. The list of special situations can go on but the real challenge is identifying them. In the past Special situations have been associated with some remarkable returns and we expect the trend to continue for the very reason that they go…

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Do we have some easy gains coming our way? Find out !!

Dear Readers, Do we have an arbitrage opportunity in case of the proposed de-merger scheme in Piramal Life Sciences Ltd (PLSL) and Piramal Healthcare Ltd (PHL)? Let’s find out. Some details about PLSL Since being de-merged from Piramal Healthcare Limited (PHL) in April 2007, PLSL as an independent drug discovery & development Company has made significant progress. The pipeline of R&D programs has increased from nine to twenty four, with nine additional programs moving into Phase I/II clinical trials and…

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Start catching the falling knives

Dear Readers, I have always been believer of the fact that timing the market is impossible; particularly because the numbers of variable factors are beyond one’s imagination and as we move forward the variables will increase. However what I certainly believe is that one can price the market just like one determines the valuations of the stocks before investing. Even while pricing we won’t consider complex valuation methods because at times a simpler approach can be more effective than the…

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Could Cera be your next VIP Industries !!

Dear Readers, Till about two years back i.e. Aug’09, the stock of VIP Industries was trading at Rs 75-80 and guess what it’s already a 12 bagger with current market price hovering around Rs 960. You all knew for sure the brand equity of VIP Industries, the bellwether in the travel products i.e. luggage, however most of you must have missed out the same and thus missed out a 12 bagger for your portfolio. In investments, one should keep it…

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