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Did you ever realize when your broker/advisor asks you to trade and guarantees a daily return of 0.5-1% or let's say 10% per month by trading in cash/futures/options then why does he himself not trade?


Did you realize that if he's so sure about 10% monthly return, why does he himself not get a loan from the bank at 1% monthly interest and trade with the same for 9% effective return.


Did you ever ask yourself that why do 98% of the intraday, short term, momentum seeking, and F&O traders lose and why does the world's third richest person advises you against trading?


Well, if you had asked such basic questions and applied common sense you could have saved many Lakhs that you may have lost in your greed for quick and easy money.


It's time for you to introspect and find out if you are one of the poor investors who is always at the losing side or you are one of the smarter ones.


Have you been facing the below mentioned common problems?

  • Your advisor/research analyst keeps telling you too many stocks and does not bother to provide updates once you purchase
  • You tried trading in stocks based on your advisor's research and lost huge sums of money
  • You tried trading in derivatives (Futures and Options) and lost your hard earned capital
  • You don't find enough time to carry out research on the stocks on your own
  • Want to explore high quality stocks but don't know how to find them out


At Katalyst Wealth we try to uncover India's most profitable and undervalued stocks before investors get their hands on them...Now you can find analysis on stocks that can turn your nest egg into a fortune...provided you are patient enough.


Where to find stocks that can turn your nest egg into a fortune...

Well, you will be amazed to know that over the long-term high quality businesses from the Small-Mid cap space have been true wealth creators. Over the last many years, BSE Mid Cap Index has delivered spectacular compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) returns.




Well as you can observe above, that's why we wanted you to be patient. The real power of compounding comes with time. The earlier you start saving and investing in right stocks, the more your money can work for you. Over a longer term even a difference of 2% return per annum can make a difference of 1 crore to your wealth.


It is important to understand that a good quality stock with robust fundamentals and strong growth prospects is eventually tomorrow's large-cap stock. Being small-cap or mid-cap in nature, they are not widely tracked and researched, and are therefore not on the radar of most investors.


How do you find these fortune building stocks?

The answer is simple. At Katalyst Wealth we seek out well-managed companies with unbeatable products or services whose stocks are undervalued or unknown by most investors - and offer the very best research to our Premium Members.


Over the last 8+ years, we have recommended several stocks that have gone on to deliver multibagger returns to our members:


  1. Cera Sanitaryware - 1300% 
  2. Can Fin Homes - 1350%
  3. VST Tillers Tractors - 621%
  4. Acrysil - 585%
  5. Orient Refractories - 578%
  6. Symphony - 484%
  7. Control Print - 400%
  8. Wim Plast - 350%
  9. Amara Raja Batteries - 303%
  10. Aarti Drugs - 202%
  11. Dynemic Products - 200%
  12. DFM Foods - 162%
  13. Chaman Lal Setia - 152%

The list is long and will keep getting better as we move forward...


Most Important Question: Are our services suitable for you?

You should definitely ask the above question to yourself and we can help you out with some of our suggestions. We are looking for association with like-minded members as we strongly believe in the fact that Quality of members determines the quality of service and therefore like to extend our invitation to the investors:


  • Who look at ownership of stocks as partial ownership of businesses?
  • Who understand the fact that stock prices are the slave of earnings and sooner than later they start reflecting the same.
  • Who don't have a phobia of watching their stocks go down over the short term?
  • Who do not get enough time to research
  • Who research and invest themselves, however looking for a source of good stock ideas.


If you believe in our philosophy, then Katalyst Wealth was founded for an investor just like you.




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Ekansh Mittal

Research Analyst
Email: [email protected]


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