Letter on Model Portfolio performance, markets and other details

Dear Sir, I hope you are doing well. It’s been a year since we started model portfolio service on 15th Aug’18 and I thought of sharing views on performance, markets and other details. In the last 1 year our Alpha Model Portfolio has delivered negative return of 15%. In the above performance we haven’t accounted for interest accrued on surplus cash; however, the same would have improved our performance by ~1.5%. For the same period SENSEX is down by 1.4%, mid…

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Annual Results: Reading between the lines

Dear Sir, Year ending and half yearly results communicate way more information than 1st and 3rd quarter results. This is so because companies share their balance sheets and there’s so much more to interpret from balance sheets and annual reports. Off-late, we have been reading Annual Reports of several small capital goods companies and have noticed some interesting points from the balance sheets: Source: Katalyst Wealth Research  Good jump in inventory at the end of Mar’19 despite strong sales in…

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[Report]: Greenply Industries – Is there a 2-4x opportunity in MDF space?

Dear Sir, In Jan’19, we shared a detailed report on Greenply Industries with our members. The stock recommendation was initiated around 130 odd levels and it was also added to our model portfolio. Recently, on 18th Jul’19, we suggested our members to exit from the stock around 129-130 odd levels. Now, you would think, what’s so great about buying the stock at 130 and exiting at 129. Well, the good thing about our investment in Greenply Industries is that we…

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[New]: Stock Investment report – A contra bet on 2-wheeler auto ancillary company

Dear Sir, Auto industry is going through one of its worst periods. The passenger vehicle sales are down significantly and even the 2W sales are down. However, we are looking at this downturn more as an opportunity. A lot of really good companies in the auto-ancillary space are down 70-80% from their highs and are trading at historically low valuations. We are therefore especially focused on auto components supplier and that too in 2W space. Another point that we are…

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