Investment Checklist – A must have for avoiding costly investment mistakes

Dear Sir, There are so many benefits to creating checklists, yet there are millions of people who never bother to make them. You know what, Pilots use checklists prior to take-off to make sure everything is functioning as it should. Similarly, surgeons also use basic checklist to help minimise errors. Same goes with investing in stocks. An investment checklist can protect you from yourself, and propel you towards investment success. When you base your purchase decisions on isolated facts and…

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Beware: Safari Industries is finding it tough to convert profits to cash flows

Dear Sir, Safari Industries is a relatively well known name in the space of Luggage, travel bags and accessories. The company is listed on the exchanges (NSE – SAFARI) and has been quite a wealth creator over the last 6 years appreciating from 60-65 odd levels in Jan’14 to around current levels of 600-630 in Jan’20. That’s around 45% CAGR. Recently, we came across the company while running through one of the screens and the first thing that struck us…

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Market cap top 15 stocks

[Market Polarization] – Some data points…Is it a great investment opportunity?

Dear Sir, The extent of extreme polarization in Indian markets cannot be overstated. We had talked about Polarization a few weeks back (LINK) and recently came across some very important data points and thought of sharing them with you. So, as is evident from the above data, the top 20 stocks have cornered the entire gains over the last 22 months starting Feb’18. All others are in general down. However, as we will see below, this isn’t happening for the…

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KW Stock Reports Track Record (2011-2019)

Dear Sir, We are glad to share with you the Comprehensive Performance of Katalyst Wealth (KW) since its inception. Katalyst Wealth was started in 2011 and we have completed 1 full bull-bear cycle of the markets. From 2011-13, the markets were down in the dumps, then we had a great 2014-17 and now again the markets are down (leaving aside a handful of stocks). A full cycle is long enough and encapsulates both the good and the bad and therefore…

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