[New]: Stock Investment Report: A high quality company, strong growth potential and dirt cheap valuations

It’s not very often one gets a good company at dirt cheap valuations. Well, these days it is not uncommon to find such stocks because a lot of stocks are trading 40-50% or even 60% below their recent highs. Not every stock will recover, however a good company run by a good management team and strong balance sheet will probably go on to deliver huge returns from the depressed valuations. One of our investment theses is to find a good…

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11th Jan’19 – Coverage closure update on Linde India

Dear Members, We have released 11th Jan’19 – Coverage closure update on Linde India. The same has been produced below. For other updates, please log into the website at the following link – https://katalystwealth.com/index.php/my-account/ Date: 11th Jan’19 11th Jan’19 – Coverage closure on Linde India   Linde India (NSE – LINDEINDIA) – Nov’18 Special situation CMP – 789.95 (BSE); 790.00 (NSE) Rating – Neutral and Coverage closure; this is not an investment advice (refer rating interpretation) Linde India special situation…

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Annual Reports – How they significantly increase your understanding of the company you are invested in

Dear Sir, Research on stocks has improved significantly over the years; however I believe most of the time investors tend to ignore the most important document for research and that is the Annual Report of the company. Yes, Annual Report is the most important document but probably also the most ignored one. Basically, Annual Report of any company is the report card of the financial year gone by and when you read several such report cards, you get to know…

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A simple way to achieve multibagger returns on stocks

Do you give multibagger stocks is the foremost question asked by many existing and prospective clients and I keep telling them that stocks don’t come with multibagger tags attached to them. We work on the process of identifying good companies with strong run-way ahead of them and try and buy them at reasonable valuations and when the process is right, most of the times one ends up with so called multibagger returns or decent returns on stocks. (You can learn…

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