Market Outlook: What makes us believe in the certainty of recovery?

Dear Readers, The last one month or so has been one of a kind for the investors in stock market. The volatility witnessed probably surpassed what one might have experienced in 2008 or before. Within a month, the benchmark indices are down 20% and at one point of time were down 30%. How can one forget 13th Mar’20, wherein the trading was halted with markets down 10% and then not only the markets recovered all the losses but closed 4% higher…

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25% plunge in Crude, 5% fall in NIFTY…so what’s the way ahead?

Dear Sir, The last 2 years or so have been tough for the investors in general. While there’s not much to be sanguine about, the good thing is we are already 26 months into the bear market and over the last 2 decades most of the bear markets haven’t lasted more than 36 months with bottoms recorded even earlier. So, starting Nov-Dec’19, things had started looking up; however, the markets first got spooked by the Corona virus issue, then the…

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55x in 23 years and yet only 41 people benefited entirely

Dear Sir, First of all, 55x in 23 years isn’t our performance. Our track record of research is for 8.5 years, which again has been decent, however, not smooth, especially the last 2 years. If interested, you can check here -> LINK So, who has delivered 55x in 23 years? Recently we came across an ad from DSP Equity fund and found some interesting bits and believe the same should be helpful for those who are increasingly getting disappointed with…

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Model Portfolio: Feb’20 performance update…Down but outperforming benchmark indices

Dear Sir, Hope you are doing well. We are glad to share that broader markets seem to have bottomed out and have started recovering. As mentioned in our 15th Jul’19 article (LINK), Jul-Aug 2019 proved to be a great time for one to be greedy than fearful and we believe despite the 10-15% run up since then, small and mid-cap space should continue to be the good hunting ground for potential long-term investment opportunities. Someone very rightly said, ‘instead of…

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