How stocks helped me achieve Financial freedom..!!

Dear Investor, Hope you are doing well. Recently, I was asked by the team of Money9 to share my journey of stock investing and I am glad to share with you that they have published it at the following – LINK     It was a pleasure to be writing about my journey as it gave me an opportunity to look back at my investing career and hopefully share small nuggets of wisdom for the benefit of all. To be frank, I was…

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[New Stock Recommendation] – Leading brand, Double-digit growth, Essential product and Low Valuations

Dear Investor, It’s rare to find Market Leaders in a growing industry with huge scalability at almost single digit PE and that too in essential-products industries.   It normally happens when the company or the industry have had a few rough years or the investor’s perception about the industry or the company is that of commodity business. Well, as investors our job is to unearth such companies, do a proper due-diligence, see if the company’s nature of business is truly commodity or if it has…

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TIME is the most important factor in wealth creation !!

Dear Investor, We have often talked about the power of compounding and the logic defying results that it is capable of producing. Let us today look at the actual formula for Compound Interest and dissect it.   The Formula: A = P (1 + R/100)^t A – Final Amount, P – Principal Invested, R – Rate of Return, t – Time   Now, the aim is to increase our A (overall wealth) by increasing P (amount invested), R or t The most common…

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Waiting for markets to correct?

Dear Investor, ‘Far more money has been lost by investors preparing for corrections, or trying to anticipate corrections, than has been lost in the corrections themselves’ – Peter Lynch    Have you heard investors say that the markets will correct soon? Or that there is a crash just around the corner? Or that this is the time to take money out of the stock market and not put money in it because everything is so overvalued? These are some common thoughts…

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