[Report] Stock Idea – 0 to 20% + market share in 20 years…Stock at 11-12 PE

  Dear Sir, Hope you are doing good and taking proper precautions. As discussed in our Risk categorization update, we are increasingly focusing on leading well-managed companies which will probably emerge stronger from this pandemic and capture higher market share in the years to come. Have also benefited from this strategy with good returns in bad markets – details HERE Also, if such companies come debt free and with low valuations, one can only blame himself for not buying such stocks during…

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Model Sheet tracker: Performance update…and Some often asked queries by members

Dear Members, A lot has happened in the last 1 year and I believe we all are hoping for the next 1 to be not so eventful or be in a good way. Equity markets also have had a topsy-turvy ride with wild gyrations ranging from one of the sharpest falls in Mar’20 to one of the quickest recoveries since then. Surprisingly, we have had a good year and the same is evident from our Model portfolio’s performances. The returns…

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Rajratan Global Wire – Some Interesting notes from Annual Report 2020

Dear Sir, We read several annual reports in a year and make notes for our reference.  We believe Annual Reports are one of the best documents to increase your understanding of the company and you can learn more about how to use them at the following LINK However, do keep in mind, such notes are mostly cut, copy and paste from the annual reports of the companies and are in no way a research report or a recommendation on the…

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Special Situation: Ineos Styrosolution delisting…up 40% in bad markets

Dear Readers, We keep saying that besides long-term investment, one should also look at Special situation opportunities like delistings, buybacks, demergers, etc because in a lot of such cases the correlation with the markets is much lower and therefore such opportunities add stability to the portfolio and deliver additional gains. In line with the same philosophy, we would like to share with you details on Ineos Styrosolution’s delisting opportunity. We shared the same with Alpha + members. Ineos Styrosolution delisting…

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