Stock Recommendations

We recommend 14-18 stocks that we believe have immense potential to perform well in the future. We usually invest with a time horizon of 2-3 years. Identifying companies that generate wealth for investors has been our strong point, do check out our past performance.

Special Situation Opportunities

Markets are full of mispriced opportunities. Demergers, Delistings, Buybacks and many more such events if carefully studied can unlock good value in a short time span of 3-6 months. In some cases these opportunities offer decent returns with low risk. 

Tracker Sheet

An excel sheet we maintain to determine performance of our research analysis on portfolio basis than on individual stock basis. It helps us to compare our performance against benchmark indices like NIFTY, SENSEX, etc 

Past Recommendations

You will also get access to all our past recommendations. These will also include many active recommendations that were given before you subscribed. 

Regular Updates

If you invest in any business you would obviously want to know what is happening in the same. At Katalyst, we understand this well and so come up with regular updates about out recommended stocks. These reports cover any new developments with actionable insights including when to exit. 

Investing Lessons

Personal Finance and Money Management are two subjects that we believe should be taught to everyone as early in life as possible. In light of that belief, we share with you everything we know about money that you need to know in order to form the mindset that will take you to a life of wealth and financial freedom.   


Members get access to stock recommendations section which consists of a table with the following details:

  1. Stock Names
  2. Detailed Initiation Reports
  3. Current Rating - This is the latest rating/view on the stock. Positive rating is akin to Buy rating on the stock
  4. Current Rating price - This indicates the price range in which one can buy the stock with a positive rating
  5. Latest Update - This is a link to latest view/report on the stock
  6. Weightage - For stocks with positive rating, we also give weightage in %

Overall, the table covers everything our members need to know: which stocks to invest in, price range to buy in, etc.



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