Aarti Drugs – 500% + Return in the last few months…Is it time to be Cautious?

Dear Sir, Hope you are doing well. It’s always to great to have stocks that end up multiplying your wealth several times; however, during one’s holding of such stocks there also comes a time when one needs to get cautious and have some profit protection strategy in place. Here, we are talking about Aarti Drugs. The stock has been a great wealth creator for our Premium Members as we could identify the stock at levels of 550 in Sep’18 and since…

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Model Portfolio that has beaten almost all the Large, Mid and Small Cap Funds

Dear Members, Hope you all are doing well. We have completed 2 years of Model Sheet service and would like to share with you our Performance card. The Model Sheet service was started on 15th Aug’18 and the purpose of the same was 2-fold: Determine performance of our stock research on Portfolio basis (against benchmark indices) than on individual stocks basis Give an easily replicable (from any point onwards) sheet to members so that they can make the most of…

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[Report]: Delisting Opportunity – Low Downside and Expecting Promoters to buy out at much higher price

Dear Sir, Hope you are doing good and taking proper precautions. As you might be aware, besides investing in stocks of good companies for long term wealth creation, another smarter way of making money in stock markets is to participate in Special situation opportunities (SSOs). Have also benefited from this strategy with several Special Situation opportunities like Ineos Styrosolution delisting, Suven life-Suven Pharma demerger, Linde India delisting, Hexaware delisting, etc appreciating by 20-140% in a period of 2-11 months. SSOs are relatively shorter term (3-4 months) opportunities and…

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Xchanging Solutions – Delisting Special Situation Opportunity

Dear Members, We have released 7th Aug’20: Special situation opportunity on the proposed de-listing of shares of Xchanging Solutions Ltd (NSE Code – XCHANGING). The same has also been produced below. For details and other updates, please log into the website at the following link –   Note: For any queries, mail us at Date: 7th Aug’20 CMP – 65.25 (BSE); 65.20 (NSE) Rating – Positive – 4% weightage; this is not an investment advice (refer rating interpretation)…

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