How to identify stocks that go up 3-10x?

Hello Sir,Hope you are doing well. Every investor wishes to own stocks that could turn out to be potential multi-baggers. While there’s no fixed formula; however, as we analyse several stocks on a daily basis, we think there’s one pattern that does help in identifying stocks that could do well in future.It’s important to know here that we are talking about medium to long term investment, i.e., 3-4 years + Before that, recently, we released our New Stock Recommendation for Alpha and Alpha + MembersIt’s…

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[Portfolio stock]: Gufic Biosciences – only maker of Botulinum toxin in India

Hello Sir, Hope you are doing well. Sometime back, we identified a sub 1,000 crore sales pharma company that talks about first to market products and has made an extremely complex and poisonous material from scratch (with a worldwide market potential of Rs 27,000 crore +) and is the only Indian maker. Well, the company name is Gufic Biosciences (NSE: GUFICBIO). The detailed report on Gufic Biosciences can be read at the following link (free access, no login required) – Click HERE We shared the report on 30th Nov’21 with our Alpha and Alpha…

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Eye opening numbers on right age to start investing

Hello Sir,Today, let me talk about the most important habit that everyone should build as early as possible in life.  It is the habit of Saving and Investing!!I was lucky enough to start earning small sums of money at the age of 21 and started investing in stocks as I had some exposure to stock market due to my family background.Recently, I came across an illustration by L&T Financial services mutual fund and the numbers were quite astonishing to say the least.…

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[Stock] – Vishnu Chemicals…largest maker of Cr and Ba compounds in India

Hello Sir,Hope you are doing well.Recently, we came across Vishnu Chemicals when running a screen to identify potential investment opportunities. The numbers looked interesting and we decided to dig deeper.On reading more we found out that the company deals in Chromium and Barium compounds and is the largest manufacturer in India for both.Below, we have shared the details from the Q2 FY 23 con-call of the company. Hope you find them useful for your own research on the stock.To know basic details about the…

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