[Portfolio Stock]: Shree Pushkar Chemicals…leading fertilizer company

Hello Sir,Hope you are doing well.A few days back we shared with you our article on “How we identify multi-bagger stocks”. In case you missed it, you can read it HERE Be it cyclical businesses or non-cyclical ones, most of the time our thought process is to look for companies where there’s not much market euphoria, while something interesting is happening underneath and therefore the downside is low while the long-medium term potential is immense.It so happened that in Jan’21 we came across…

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How do we identify multi-bagger stocks?

Hello Sir,Hope you are doing well.It is with great pleasure we would like to inform you that recently our Founder, Ekansh Mittal got covered in Business Today.In the same, the writer discussed about 9 multi-bagger stocks discovered by Ekansh over the last 5 years, how he goes about identifying such stocks, his change in investing style over the years and when to sell such stocks.Below, we have shared the screenshots of the article. You can also read by Clicking HEREWe hope you…

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[Stock ideas]: Ply board companies…key differences between products

Hello Sir,Hope you are doing well.Do you know what – A lot of listed companies dealing in Ply boards and related segments have done quite well and created wealth for investors.In the past, we have recommended stocks like Century Plyboards, Greenpanel, etc to our Premium Members and while Century delivered ~150% return, unfortunately, we exited from Greenpanel at the wrong time and thereafter it went up 20x. There are other major companies as well one can consider adding to watch list, like – Rushil…

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High dividend payout stocks – Are they good for young investors?

Hello Reader,We all want our investee companies to grow their earnings and pay out dividends to us as shareholders.However, do you know – A good company with high return on equity (ROE), zero debt but with a very high dividend payout may not prove to be a great investment in the long run.Unless of course you rely on dividends as income source.You know why?…read moreBefore that – Sometime back, we released new special situation recommendation for our Alpha + members. It looks like a…

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