Market outlook: Are we close to the bottom or is there more downside?

Dear Sir, I hope you are doing good. I know it’s not easy to be good considering the way the markets have been since the year and a half; however, we are writing this to share with you our views on the current market situation. Well, nobody knows the future, however we strongly believe in the fact that one can take cues from history because though history doesn’t necessarily repeat the same way, it does rhyme. Right now, most of…

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[Limited Period]: Unlock up to 20% discount on Premium Model Portfolio subscriptions

Dear Sir, Every few years, markets give us a great opportunity for buying stocks at very reasonable valuations. We got such opportunities in 2008-09, 2012-13 and now in 2019. If you like investing when stocks are substantially down, valuations are on the reasonable side, no one discussing recent performance, bad news all around, then we have got a good offer for you. We believe, relations forged during market lows last longer and would therefore like to help build wealth for…

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Google trend: Multibagger stocks…Such a good indicator for Contrarian Investors

Dear Sir, Below is a graph from Google trends for the search term “Multibagger stocks”. The graph basically indicates the interest in the term “Multibagger stocks” over a period of time. So, as the graph indicates, more users searched the term in Dec’07, Oct’10 and Jan’18. Similarly, the interest in the term was lowest in Nov’08, for most of the 2012 and 2013 and now in 2019. Frankly, when I started looking for this kind of data, I didn’t expect…

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Is this the best time for investing in stocks or making corrections in Portfolio?

Dear Sir, When do you think is the best time for investing in stocks? I will give you two scenarios: Scenario #1 – Markets have already appreciated a lot, the valuations are on the higher side, investors and advisors are trumpeting about their gains and past performances, bubbling stock forums, WhatsApp groups, too many IPOs and QIPs happening, good news all around, equity turnover data on the higher side, etc, or Scenario #2 – Stocks are substantially down, valuations on…

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