Celebrating 10 years of wealth creation at Katalyst Wealth

We started Katalyst Wealth 10 years back in 2011.We have been lucky to have been part of wealth creation journey of more than 2,500 clients some of whom have stuck with us through market volatility, endured corrections and have still gotten incredibly wealthy over the past 10 years.It’s amazing and hugely satisfying to see how some members who started small with 5,10, 20 lakh portfolios and have been able to multiply their portfolios to 1-1.5 crore.Kudos to them for saving…

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[Portfolio Stock]: Maithan Alloys – One of the most Profitable Metal Stocks

Dear Investor, We are very fond of low-risk opportunities. Yes, the ones where there’s not much market euphoria and therefore the downside is low while the long-medium term potential is immense.   Well, it so happened that even before Covid-19 struck us in 2020 we identified a few metal stocks. Interestingly, unlike now, back then no one was interested in metal stocks when they were available at 1/2, 1/3rd, 1/4th of their current values.   We shared one such metal stock idea on Maithan Alloys (NSE – MAITHANALL) with our premium members. The detailed…

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[New Stock Reco] – Market Leader, 20% + growth and less than 10 times pre-tax earnings

Dear Investor, A few days back we told you that we are working on some interesting stock investment opportunities and will share something good in the coming few days.  Well, we are glad to inform you that we have released our new stock recommendation and hoping that it does well over the next few years for our Premium Members. Our new recommendation belongs to the category of a “Big fish in a small but a growing pond” It’s never easy to find Market…

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How to make the best use of Model Portfolio and match our returns?

Dear Investor, We started offering stock recommendations service in 2011. Further, in order to make it even simpler for our members, we started running a model portfolio from 15th Aug’18. Key Highlights: 1) 29% CAGR, 2) Major Out-performance over benchmark indices, 3) 15-20 Small-mid cap stocks in the portfolio at any point of time    The journey so far has been full of learning and joy. We are now more thrilled than ever to perform even better and give our best…

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