[Report] – More than 15% dividend yield for a leading Cash rich company

Dear Sir, Hope you are doing good and taking proper precautions as the lock-down is gradually being lifted. As discussed in our Risk categorization of portfolio stocks update, we are increasingly focusing on leading debt free companies which will probably emerge stronger from this pandemic and capture higher market share in the years to come. Also, if such companies come with dividend yield as good as 15%, one can only blame himself for not buying such stocks during periods of distress.…

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Risk Categorization of Portfolio Stocks in the light of Covid 19 led crisis

Dear Readers, Hope you all are doing well and taking proper precautions. In the light of the Covid-19 led crisis, today we are going to discuss Risk Categorization of the stocks. We believe it’s an important exercise that every investor should carry out on his/her portfolio stocks to determine the pockets where the risks could originate from. We did so recently and have shared the details below. We think it should be quite obvious that for most of the companies…

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Summary of share purchases by the Promoters in Mar’20

Dear Readers, Hope you are doing well. As you might be aware the last 2 years or so have been tough on the small and mid cap companies with several of them down 50% or more. Things had started getting better from Sep’19 before we all got hit by the outbreak of corona virus. In the last 1 month alone several stocks have fallen off the cliff and this time even the large caps haven’t been spared. So, when the…

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Personal experience from 2008-09 meltdown and the concept of frame of reference

Dear Sir, It was another hell of a week and we hope you are doing well. I am writing this to share with you a personal experience from 2008-09 meltdown and the intent of the same is to help assess the same situation from different perspectives. As you might be aware, frame of reference is an important concept in Physics and we believe it has its own significance in the world of investing. To illustrate with an example: Assume a…

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