[Report]: Suven Pharma/Suven Life – Beaten down in 2017…now up 200% since then

Dear Sir, Hope you are doing well and enjoying the run up in the stocks. Well, considering the fall of Mar’20 and the gloom and doom all around, the run up has been truly exceptional with the portfolios moving up by 40% (since March lows) and some individual stocks up more than 50-100% and even more. Luckily for us as well, a lot of stocks have seen a great run up and helping us outperform benchmark indices by a wide…

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[Jun’20] – Special Situation Report – Buy out from the Promoters at much higher price

Dear Sir, Hope you are doing good and taking proper precautions. As you might be aware, besides investing in stocks of good companies for long term wealth creation, another smarter way of making money in stock markets is to participate in Special situation opportunities (SSOs).  SSOs are relatively shorter term (3-4 months) opportunities and based on value unlocking from event-based triggers like de-merger, delisting, buy-back, etc. The purpose is to park the surplus funds (normally deployed in liquid/short term debt funds)…

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Investing in beaten down Pharma in 2017-18 has given us two 30% + CAGR stocks

Dear Sir, If you have been reading our mails, you might be aware that we have been extensively focusing on beaten down stocks/sectors wherein the companies have strong balance sheets and will probably emerge stronger from this crisis. The thesis behind the same is simple: Since the bear market that started in Jan’18 and accentuated by covid-19 crisis, a lot of stocks have corrected to levels wherein the market is assuming that companies won’t survive. It is true that some…

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Do you know there are sectors trading at NIFTY equivalent of 5000…Good time to hunt?

Dear Sir, Hope you are doing well and staying safe. Recently, we came across an important piece of data on the bounce back in under-performing or beaten down sectors and we believe it can be really helpful for you as an investor. We all like to buy stocks/sectors that have done well recently; however, as value investors it’s important to not get trapped at high valuations because the draw-downs can be huge and the wait for getting even the principal…

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