[2011-2021]: List of recommended stocks

Dear Investor, We firmly believe in the idea of wealth creation and achieving financial independence using the Power of Equities. We just love digging up unidentified, undiscovered small-mid cap stocks with great potential for wealth creation.   For the same we put in countless hours of research, due-diligence, discussions and focus on the key aspects of nature of business, management quality, financial performance and most importantly the valuations at which we are getting the business.   We understand the fact that when…

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Right age to start investing?

Dear Investor, Today, let me talk about the most important habit that everyone should build as early as possible in life.   It is the habit of SAVING…!!  We have all heard the phrase ‘A penny saved is a penny earned’ but do not come to realize the value that this simple practice can add to our lives. In an attempt to explain to you the urgency to develop the habit of saving and investing immediately let me cover two concepts – Compound Interest …

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Companies to stay away from…!!!

Dear Investor, There are two strategies to play tennis. One strategy is that you play offensively and go for a winning shot often. The other strategy is to play defensively and only aim to return the ball while hoping that the other person will himself/herself hit the ball out. Now if you are an expert and have years of practice then the first strategy might work for you, but it always comes with the risk of hitting the ball out…

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We largely invest in Small and Mid Cap Stocks…and have our reasons for the same !!

Dear Investor, Let me share with you an interesting snippet from the book ‘One up on Wall Street’ by the legendary investor Peter Lynch. He says that during his time in the market he noticed that fund managers usually refrained from investing in unknown stocks. The key reason he identified for this was that when a fund manager wanted to invest in a computer business and he/she chose a name unheard of and the stock did not work well, then…

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