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  • New Medium/Long term research reports on stocks of high quality companies and statistical bargains:
    You will get detailed and easy to understand reports (covering sector analysis, detailed analysis of the past record of the company, Management details, shareholding pattern) on New Alpha stock ideas every year. Most of our research reports will be from small-mid cap space. These would be high quality businesses, stocks of companies which:

    • Have the ability to generate high returns on capital employed because of the presence of a sustainable moat;
    • Can grow earnings at a rapid pace without requiring access to outside capital markets;
    • Are run by able, honest, and owner-oriented managers; and
    • Can be purchased at valuations where the growth component of value comes free.
  • Updates through E-mail and SMS:
    Receive e mail and sms notifications when a new report is released or an important update is released.
  • Reports on past recommendations:
    Detailed reports on stock shared with our members during the last 12-15 months.
  • Regular updates
    Get the latest news on our recommendations straight from the research pit, so you’ll always know exactly where our recommendations sit and where they’re headed next.
  • Investing Lessons:
    Our reports and updates will help you in evaluating businesses and in understanding the ins and outs of financial statements to valuing companies. The objective is not only to give you good stock ideas, but also make you an informed and intelligent investor.

Most Important Question: Is Alpha suitable for you?

Well you should ask the above question; however we can help you out with some of our suggestions. We are looking for association with like-minded clients as we strongly believe in the fact that Quality of clients determine the quality of service and therefore like to extend our invitation to the investor:

  • Who looks at ownership of stocks as partial ownership of businesses?
  • Who is patient and serious about exploring high quality businesses?
  • Who understands the fact that stock prices are the slave of earnings and sooner than later they start reflecting the same.
  • Who doesn’t have a phobia of watching his stocks go down over the short term?
  • Who is patient enough to hold a good undervalued stock for a period of 1 year and more?
  • Who does not get enough time to research.
  • Who researches and invests himself, however looking for a source of good research analysis on stocks.

If you believe in our philosophy, then Alpha was made for you.

Give Alpha subscription a try as we strive for the highest standards of research analysis.

Subscription TypeDurationCharges (INR)
Alpha12 MonthsRs. 10,000/-

Note: The prices are inclusive of all taxes. For various payment options (credit/debit/net banking/cash/cheque)

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