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Dear Readers, It’s no surprise that while making outstanding stock purchases, a certain percentage of errors in purchasing are sure to occur. Also if someone tells you that all his investments went right, be rest assured that there couldn’t be a bigger lie. Fortunately the long range profits from really good stocks should more than balance the losses from a normal percentage of errors in judgement. This is particularly true if the mistake is recognized quickly. However here I would…

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Alpha+: Research Reports status as on 15th Oct’15

Dear Readers, Please find below the status of Special situation & Long/Medium term Research reports on stocks made in Alpha+ as on 15th Oct’15. The status is updated on monthly basis. This is not an investment advice and is a track record of research reports initiated by us. The performance data quoted represents past performance and does not guarantee future results. Special situation reports – Highlights 36 Special situation/Risk arbitrage reports initiated in last 3.5 years Closed above initiation price…

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[New]: Alpha stock – Good, strong, consistent company at right valuations

Few days back we released the latest Sep’15 research note on an emerging company for our Alpha and Alpha + members and would like to share with you details on the same. We have always believed that it’s important to get the four pillars of stock selection right; they are: business, management, financial performance and the valuations. If the above four are strong (reasonable in case of valuations), you probably have a long term winner at hand and that seems…

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Market correction and Chinese economy…what’s your view?

Dear Readers, Over the past few days there have been some queries regarding market correction, Chinese economy and its impact, etc…frankly it’s just been 10-15% and considering the upside witnessed previously during the 18-24 months period, correction sooner or later was anyways on the cards. The valuations were also stretched and even now in certain categories the valuations are stretched, so further 10-15% correction in SENSEX/NIFTY can’t be ruled out. If it will happen or not is something I don’t…

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