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How to be a successful Investor?

Wish you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year 2016. Now, coming to the moot question, how to be a successful investor? Well, I recently came across a very good talk delivered by Mark Sellers to Harvard MBA students and it’s not about how to be a successful investor; it’s rather about the few common traits the successful investors share. Before reading further, one thing that should make you happy is that you don’t necessarily have to be…

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Alpha+: Research Reports status as in Dec’15 – Focus on stocks, not on Index

Dear Readers, Please find below the status of Special situation & Long/Medium term Research reports on stocks made in Alpha+ as on 19th Dec’15. The status is updated on monthly basis. Our focus on high quality businesses has helped us find stocks which have consistently outperformed benchmark indices by a very wide margin. This is not an investment advice and is a track record of research reports initiated by us. The performance data quoted represents past performance and does not…

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Rational decision making for bad investments

Dear Readers, In my last post I had discussed about how it is important to suppress one’s ego to become a better investor and why more money has probably been lost by investors holding a stock they really did not want until they could “at least come out even” than from any other single reason. Let’s now look very simply at how we can be more rational in our decision making and though process about bad investments. Assume yourself to…

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Suppress your EGO to become a better investor

Dear Readers, It’s no surprise that while making outstanding stock purchases, a certain percentage of errors in purchasing are sure to occur. Also if someone tells you that all his investments went right, be rest assured that there couldn’t be a bigger lie. Fortunately the long range profits from really good stocks should more than balance the losses from a normal percentage of errors in judgement. This is particularly true if the mistake is recognized quickly. However here I would…

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