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We would like to share with you details on the stock recommendation to our Alpha and Alpha + members in the month of Oct’13 – Swaraj Engines Ltd (NSE Code – SWARAJENG) at Rs 470/- (CMP – 610)

The report has now been made public and is available for reading/downloading at the below provided links.

Basic details

Swaraj Engines (SEL) manufactures 20-50 horsepower (HP) engines for “Swaraj” tractors division of Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd (M&M). Since the start of commercial operations in 1989-90, SEL has supplied around 517,000 engines for fitment into “Swaraj” tractors.

Swaraj brand of tractors were originally promoted by Punjab Tractors Ltd (PTL). PTL also had 33.16% stake in Swaraj Engines along with Kirloskar Oil Engines 17.39% stake. In June 2007 PTL was acquired by Mahindra and Mahindra and thereby Mahindra ended up owning “Swaraj” brand of tractors and 33.22% stake in Swaraj Engines while Kirloskar continues to be the co-promoter with 17.39% stake.

Since the takeover of PTL by M&M, there’s been complete turnaround in the fate of “Swaraj” brand of tractors and the same has also rubbed off on Swaraj Engines. While Swaraj tractors had slipped to 5th place with 9% market share before the acquisition by M&M in 2007, it now commands a market share of 13.1% and ranks 3rd behind M&M tractors and TAFE.

Download HERE: Swaraj Engines Ltd (NSE Code – SWARAJENG) – Oct’13 Katalyst Wealth Alpha Recommendation


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