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We have released 14th May’23: Special situation opportunity on the proposed buy-back of shares of Wipro (NSE Code – WIPRO). The same has also been produced below. For details and other updates, please log into the website at the following link –

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Date: 14th May’23

CMP – 383.20 (BSE); 383.60 (NSE)

Rating – Positive – 3% weightage; this is not an investment advice (refer rating interpretation at the end)


WIPRO’s buy-back offer

On 27th Apr’23, the Board of Directors of Wipro approved a Buy-back of 26,96,62,921 shares at a price of Rs 445/- per share from all the existing shareholders of the Company as on the record date, on a proportionate basis through “Tender Offer” route.

The buyback is subject to the approval of the shareholders of the company and therefore the ex-date for the buy-back offer will be decided later.


Rationale behind this opportunity

It is important to note here that Buy-Back through tender offer route is similar to Open Offer in many aspects as against Buy-back through open market purchases.

In buy-back through tender offer route all the shareholders can participate (including the promoters) and the buyback is on proportionate basis from all the shareholders of the company.

Considering Wipro has 548.80 crore shares listed and the buyback is only for 26.96 crore shares, theoretically only 5 share out of 100 shares (5% acceptance ratio) should get accepted at 445/- per share if all the shareholders participate in the tender offer and 95 shares will be returned.

However, there are a few important regulations regarding buy-back through tender offer route which increases the acceptance ratio in the case of Wipro. They are:

  1. 15% of the number of Equity Shares which the Company proposes to buyback or number of Equity Shares entitled as per the shareholding of small shareholders, whichever is higher, shall be reserved for the small shareholders as part of this Buyback.
  2. Small Shareholder is a shareholder who holds equity shares having market value, based on closing price on recognized exchanges as on Record Date of buy-back, of not more than Rs 200,000 (2 lakhs).

Based on the above regulations, out of 26,96,62,921 shares, 4,04,49,438 shares will be reserved for the small shareholders.

The small shareholder will be the one with less than 520 shares (based on 14th May’23 prices). Actual quantity will be known based on the stock price on the record date.


Shareholding distribution

Source: Wipro’s AR 22

If we look at the shareholding distribution of the company as on 31st Mar’22, there were around 12.7 crore shares with the shareholders holding shares in the range of 1-5000.

The company came out with the tender based buy-back offers in 2020-21 and 2019 as well.

During 2020-21 buyback, the offer size was similar with buyback price of 400. Then, there were around 7.6 crore shares with the small shareholders and only 22 lakh shares got tendered in the small shareholders category as the stock went above 400.

During 2019 buyback, the offer size was 32 crore shares with buyback price of 325. Then, there were around 11.5 crore shares with the small shareholders and 9 crore shares got tendered in the small shareholders category as the offer price was higher than the lifetime high price of the stock.

Based on the above stats, we believe that this time as well, there will be around 11-12 crore shares with the small shareholders and therefore the theoretical acceptance ratio will be around 35%.

However, unlike 2019, this time the stock is down from lifetime high levels of 700 recorded in Jan’22. Even 2 years back, the stock was quoting at levels higher than buyback price of 445.

Thus, a lot of investors might not prefer tendering shares in the buyback which may increase the acceptance ratio to 50-60%.


Some Estimates

Let’s work with some estimates:

Cost of 100 shares – 384 * 100 = 38,400

Cost of residual shares based on various acceptance scenarios, i.e., the number of shares that get accepted at Rs 445.

Acceptance Ratio Cost of Residual Shares
35% 351.15
45% 334.09
55% 309.44
65% 270.71

We believe 45-65% acceptance is quite probable; anything, above that will be bonus. So, in the case of 45% acceptance, one starts losing money only when the stock starts falling below 334 odd levels.



The actual ratio will be known only once the entire process is over and in case of lower acceptance ratio our returns will diminish.

The timeline for this opportunity is around 3-4 months and therefore in the interim if the market corrects in a major way the exit price for the unaccepted shares will get impacted.

Buy-backs are widely tracked these days and therefore our assumption of minimum 45-65% acceptance may not hold true.

IT industry is going through a phase of slowdown and the stock could continue facing de-rating.


Disclosure: I do not have any holding in Wipro.


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