Ekansh Mittal

[New Stock Report]: Sub 500 crore market cap, deleveraging and ~6 times post-tax earnings

Hello Sir,Hope you are doing well.Yesterday, we released our new stock recommendation for our Alpha and Alpha + Members and would like to share with you details on the same.We focus on growth oriented small-mid cap companies that are trading at reasonable valuations and invest with a horizon of 3-4 years.The one shared yesterday fits our framework as despite being a sub 500 crore market cap stock, it’s one of the largest players in its segment, has good operating performance track record,…

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1 chart that best explains Stock Market returns

Hello Sir,Hope you are doing well.It’s quite common for people in general to talk about good returns delivered by real estate or gold held by them or their forefathers.What’s mostly forgotten during the discussion is the holding period of the investment and the returns in terms of CAGR.Almost always, the holding period is 5-10-20 years or more.Now, look at this below chart of NIFTY which depicts annualized returns from 1995-2023.What’s interesting about the chart is that it gives annualized returns data over 1, 3, 5 and…

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