How to decide when to Sell a Stock?

Dear Investor, It is said that knowing when to sell a stock is much more difficult than knowing when to buy a stock. Yes, if you end up selling too soon and the stock rises further, there’s a feeling of regret. Similarly, if you don’t sell and the stock crashes, the pain is much deeper. We believe, there can never be a perfect trade, i.e., you end up buying just at the bottom and sell at the peak. Even if…

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How have we performed at Katalyst Wealth over the last 3 years?

Dear Investor, Hope you and your family is keeping well. Today, we would like to share with you an update on the performance of our Premium Subscriptions i.e. Alpha and Alpha + Model sheets as on 15th Jun’21. We started maintaining Model Sheets since 15th Aug’18 to compare our equity research performance against the benchmark indices and the performance has been decent with almost 100% return (27% CAGR) in around 2.8 years (34 months). We primarily focus on small and mid cap stocks as we are able to understand small and mid-sized businesses relatively better than large conglomerates.  We have also…

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How stocks helped me achieve Financial freedom..!!

Dear Investor, Hope you are doing well. Recently, I was asked by the team of Money9 to share my journey of stock investing and I am glad to share with you that they have published it at the following – LINK     It was a pleasure to be writing about my journey as it gave me an opportunity to look back at my investing career and hopefully share small nuggets of wisdom for the benefit of all. To be frank, I was…

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[New Stock Recommendation] – Leading brand, Double-digit growth, Essential product and Low Valuations

Dear Investor, It’s rare to find Market Leaders in a growing industry with huge scalability at almost single digit PE and that too in essential-products industries.   It normally happens when the company or the industry have had a few rough years or the investor’s perception about the industry or the company is that of commodity business. Well, as investors our job is to unearth such companies, do a proper due-diligence, see if the company’s nature of business is truly commodity or if it has…

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