Low-risk opportunities with significant upside

At Katalyst Wealth, we strongly believe in the idea of wealth creation and achieving financial independence using the Power of Equities.

We just love digging up unidentified, undiscovered small-mid cap stocks with great potential for wealth creation.

For the same we put in countless hours of research, due-diligence, discussions and focus on the key aspects of nature of business, management quality, financial performance and most importantly the valuations at which we are getting the business.

We understand the fact that when investing in stocks there are bound to be mistakes, and that's why our philosophy is to position ourselves to be lucky.

We do so by looking for low-risk Investment opportunities with significant potential for gains. The idea is to lose little in the ones that go wrong against significant gains in the right ones.

In the process, we end up sharing good stock recommendations with our members.


You can find details on all the stocks initiated, date of initiation, closure, returns, method of calculation, etc by downloading the following excel sheet KW Investment Track Record 12th Sep'21


wdt_ID Years XIRR Katalyst XIRR SENSEX Avg. Return Katalyst Avg. Return SENSEX


  1. 8 out of every 10 stocks recommended by us have delivered positive returns.
  2. Max. Return by a stock - 3,963%
  3. Avg. Return on Profitable Stocks - 270%
  4. Avg. Loss on Negative Stocks - 28%
  5. Overall Avg. Return - 203%  

All our picks are from small and mid-cap spaces. Yes, there have been a few failures (~2 out of 10), but longer term investing while focusing on Growth cum Value strategy does deliver great returns.

Out of 15 stocks under research, not all 15 will do well. But if 10 do well over longer run, the gains from those 10 will more than compensate for the losses from the other 5.

The gains that can be accrued on any good stock are virtually limitless, while the downside is limited (unless, you are leveraged).


The Process

Step 1 - For each and every stock with a positive rating, check the % of portfolio and invest that much percentage of your total amount in that particular stock. 

Step 2 - Fill the quantity, current price and market price for all the stocks that you buy according to step 1.

The file will automatically update the remaining fields and your portfolio will be ready..!


By subscribing to Alpha/Alpha +, you agree to accept the following terms/conditions:

www.katalystwealth.com (here in referred to as Katalyst Wealth) is the domain owned by Ekansh Mittal. Mr. Ekansh Mittal is the sole proprietor of Mittal Consulting and offers independent equity research services to investors on subscription basis. SEBI (Research Analyst) Regulations 2014, Registration No. INH100001690. The model sheet is an extension and reflection of our research analysis and is in no way a portfolio advisory or buy/sell recommendation for you. The purpose of model sheet is to get a tentative performance snapshot on portfolio basis than on individual stock basis.

The model sheet service is basically an information service and doesn’t take into account your personal financial situation or risk profile. Please consult your investment adviser before following or implementing the same partially or in totality.

The transactions mentioned are not the actual transactions, but take into account the ending prices for the day and ~0.3% transaction charge.

For the purpose of calculation of returns, the surplus cash (cash i.e. not invested in stocks) will be assumed to be invested in liquid funds at around 6% return per annum.

There’s zero refund policy because as soon as you subscribe to the same you get access to the complete portfolio snapshot.

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