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[New Stock Reco] – Market Leader, 20% + growth and less than 10 times pre-tax earnings

Dear Investor, A few days back we told you that we are working on some interesting stock investment opportunities and will share something good in the coming few days.  Well, we are glad to inform you that we have released our new stock recommendation and hoping that it does well over the next few years for our Premium Members. Our new recommendation belongs to the category of a “Big fish in a small but a growing pond” It’s never easy to find Market…

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[New Stock Recommendation] – Leading brand, Double-digit growth, Essential product and Low Valuations

Dear Investor, It’s rare to find Market Leaders in a growing industry with huge scalability at almost single digit PE and that too in essential-products industries.   It normally happens when the company or the industry have had a few rough years or the investor’s perception about the industry or the company is that of commodity business. Well, as investors our job is to unearth such companies, do a proper due-diligence, see if the company’s nature of business is truly commodity or if it has…

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