What is common among the richest investors of India?

Hello Sir,I have read multiple interviews and books on the lives and investment philosophy of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Ramesh Damani and Ramadeo Agarwal.Apart from the fact that they are among the richest investors in India, do you know what is the one thing that I found common among all of them?They all are optimistic by nature and have always believed in the potential of the Indian Economy. This optimism and belief is one of the most underrated skills that any long term…

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5 Key Habits of a Successful Investor

Dear Investor, If you are a frequent reader, you would know that we have a checklist that we use to screen the companies that we invest in. Well, I was recently updating that checklist and suddenly had a realization. Just like we assign key attributes that a company must have in order to be considered a worthwhile investment, we could also build a checklist that could guide our investment decisions and help us become a successful investor. After working on…

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