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[2011-2021]: List of recommended stocks

Dear Investor, We firmly believe in the idea of wealth creation and achieving financial independence using the Power of Equities. We just love digging up unidentified, undiscovered small-mid cap stocks with great potential for wealth creation.   For the same we put in countless hours of research, due-diligence, discussions and focus on the key aspects of nature of business, management quality, financial performance and most importantly the valuations at which we are getting the business.   We understand the fact that when…

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[New Stock Recommendation] – Market Leader, Double-digit growth, Covid-proof and Low Valuations

Dear Investor, It’s rare to find Market Leaders in a growing industry with huge scalability at single digit PE and that too in covid-proof industries. It normally happens when the company or the industry have had a few rough years in the interim and the investors have completely forgotten them. Well, as investors our job is to unearth such companies, do a proper due-diligence, see if the issues are behind, company is on the growth path and invest at such…

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[New Stock Recommendation] – Major Expansion done and expecting PAT to double in 2-3 Years

Dear Sir, One of the mental models we use for identifying potential investment opportunities is “Companies that have completed major Expansion”. The idea behind the above is that most of the time earnings get depressed during the Expansion period and the stocks become available at cheaper valuations. So, while the current earnings might be depressed, with the completion of the Expansion, the earnings 2-3 years down the line could improve substantially. Thus, giving an opportunity for earnings and valuations re-rating.…

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[New Stock Recommendation] – Decent Company at < 5 times earnings and 0.5 times Book Value

Dear Sir, Hope you are doing good and having a good festive season. Just a few days back we shared our new stock recommendation with our members and would like to share with you details on the same. Besides investing in growth companies at reasonable valuations, we also look for good companies in cyclical businesses at their lows so that once the cycle turns around, we can make 2-4x or sometimes even more on such investments. Such high returns do…

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