[New Stock Reco]: Pharmaceutical company consistently recording 20% + cagr

Hello Sir,Hope you are doing well.Wee have released our new stock recommendation for our Premium Members and would like to share with you details on the same.It’s a pharmaceutical company consistently growing at 20% + on YOY basis and we believe it’s a strong secular growth stock available at reasonable valuations of around 20 times earnings.In the past, pharma stocks like Aarti Drugs, Suven Pharma, etc. have delivered 400-500% return to our members; let’s see how the new one performs.Some basic…

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[Stock Idea]: Suven Lifesciences (NSE: SUVEN) – A business with lots of optionality

One of our investment theses is to look for businesses with very strong core operations and lots of optionality. By optionality, we mean Low-cost mistakes, with known maximum losses, and large potential payoff. The good thing about such cases is that while the downside is limited (if bought at the right price), the upside can be huge in case the company gets lucky with some of its projects. Based on the above theses we initiated a coverage on Suven Lifesciences…

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