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We are glad to share with you the Comprehensive Performance of Katalyst Wealth (KW) since its inception.

Katalyst Wealth was started in 2011 and we have completed 1 full bull-bear cycle of the markets.

From 2011-13, the markets were down in the dumps, then we had a great 2014-17 and now again the markets are down (leaving aside a handful of stocks).

A full cycle is long enough and encapsulates both the good and the bad and therefore we believe the best way to measure the performance is over a complete cycle than any particular period in time.


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Highlights of our Investment Recommendations Performance (2011-2019):

  1. KW XIRR – 30.47% vs SENSEX XIRR – 11.58%
  2. Out performance over SENSEX – In 7 out of 9 years
  3. 2018 was bad in comparison to SENSEX
  4. Have started performing well in 2019 despite small and mid-caps not doing so well in comparison to SENSEX
  5. Max. return by any stock at any point of time – 2020%
  6. Max. loss booked in a stock – 65%

The above performance has been achieved following the principles of Growth cum Value investing.

XIRR return for KW stocks and SENSEX is calculated assuming equal amounts invested in all the recommended stocks (at the time of initiation) and SENSEX on the date of the recommendation. XIRR takes into account all the recommendations (the good and the bad both) and the timing of entry and exit.


What does the above performance indicate?

Investments made during down markets are painful in the short term but deliver significant returns in the long term.

All our picks are from small and mid-cap space. Yes, there have been a few failures, but longer term investing while focusing on Growth cum Value strategy does deliver great returns.

While it may appear benchmark indices are unbeatable, on the contrary, it is possible to achieve significant outperformance in the longer run.

In Equity investing, not all the years are same.

Out of 15 stocks in a portfolio, not all 15 will do well. But if 10 do well over longer run, the gains from those 10 will more than compensate for the losses from the other 5.

The gains that can be accrued on any good stock are virtually limitless, while the downside is limited (unless, you are leveraged).

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