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[Stock Idea]: Suven Lifesciences (NSE: SUVEN) – A business with lots of optionality

One of our investment theses is to look for businesses with very strong core operations and lots of optionality. By optionality, we mean Low-cost mistakes, with known maximum losses, and large potential payoff. The good thing about such cases is that while the downside is limited (if bought at the right price), the upside can be huge in case the company gets lucky with some of its projects. Based on the above theses we initiated a recommendation on Suven Lifesciences…

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Listing of Greenpanel Industries – Is there a 2-3x opportunity in this stock?

Dear Sir, On 23rd Oct’19, Greenpanel Industries (NSE: GREENPANEL) got listed on the exchanges. As we had invested in Greenply Industries in Jan’19, we got allotted new shares of Greenpanel in the ratio of 1:1 i.e. if someone had  bought 1,000 shares of Greenply before the de-merger, he/she has been allotted 1,000 shares of Greenpanel as well. In our Model Portfolio, we had bought 1,400 shares of Greenply around 131 odd levels in Jan’19 and sold the same around 129…

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[Stock idea]: Manappuram Finance – 2nd largest Gold loan NBFC in India

Dear Sir, We have recommended Manappuram Finance (NSE Code – MANAPPURAM) to our Premium members. It’s also part of our Model Portfolio with an average price of Rs 100.53. Since our initial recommendation on the stock in Jul’17, the company has witnessed the worst of NBFC crisis in India and has emerged stronger. The company is primarily into short term gold loan business and on the back of positive ALM (asset liability mis-match) it could handle the crisis better. Currently,…

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