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KW Stock advisory Performance Snapshot (2011-2019)

Dear Sir, We are glad to share with you the Comprehensive Performance of Katalyst Wealth (KW) since its inception. KW stock advisory was started in 2011 and we have completed 1 full bull-bear cycle of the markets. From 2011-13, the markets were down in the dumps, then we had a great 2014-17 and now again the markets are down (leaving aside a handful of stocks). A full cycle is long enough and encapsulates both the good and the bad and…

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Put your Second order thinking Cap on…Look for out of favour stocks/sectors

Dear Sir, Decision making is not always as easy as it appears. More often than not our decisions for the future are based on the most recent results and the same can be attributed to first-order thinking. Our failure to consider second and third order consequences is what leads to bad decisions. As Ray Dalio (Investor, Hedge fund manager) says, “Never seize on the first available option, no matter how good it seems, before you’ve asked questions and explored.” The…

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[Stock idea]: Look for companies that have planted Seeds of Growth

Dear Sir, Hope you are doing good and enjoying the interesting times. While the economy is going through slowdown, high quality stocks are trading at exorbitant valuations and a lot of other reasonably good companies are available at throwaway prices. Unless, you are from the group that justifies buying high quality low growth stocks at almost any valuations, you may find our latest stock idea and the thesis behind the same interesting. Just to be clear, we are only discussing…

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