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We share research on Growth stocks

(Research Performance as on 13th Dec'22)

  1. On an average, 7-8 out of every 10 stocks covered have delivered positive returns
  2. Max. return by a stock – 3,124%
  3. Avg. Return on Profitable Stocks - 236%
  4. Avg. Loss on Negative Stocks - 25%

*These are not portfolio yearly returns. Year wise XIRRs are as on the date mentioned above and for the stocks initiated in the particular Calendar Year. Past performance is not an indication of future returns 



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Ekansh Mittal, Founder

Coming from a family of Stock investors, Ekansh started reading The Economic Times when he was 12 and made his first investment with his pocket money in 2008 when he was in the 3rd year of his B. Tech. In 2009, he started writing equity research reports on small cap stocks for an equity research firm.

With humble beginnings, he founded Katalyst Wealth in 2011.

Soon, he got the due recognition from Forbes India in 2015 and Economic Times in 2017 for his investing prowess and ability to spot emerging small cap companies at an early stage.



10,900/Year (incl. of GST)

Stock Recommendations
14-18 stocks for medium-long term investment
Regular Updates
Time to time updates about the companies through e-mail and Whatsapp 
Tracker Sheet
An excel to compare research performance on portfolio basis against benchmark indices  
Investing Lessons
We share everything we know about stock investing, equity research, etc. through our blog

Alpha +

16,900/Year (incl. of GST)

Stock Recommendations
14-18 stocks for medium long term Investment

Special Situation Opportunities
Mispriced opportunities wherein delisting, demerger, buyback can unlock value in 3-6 months  

Regular Updates
Time to time updates about the companies through e-mail and Whatsapp 
Tracker Sheet
An excel to compare research performance on portfolio basis against benchmark indices
Investing Lessons
We share everything we know about stock investing, equity research, etc. through our blog


Members get access to stock recommendations dashboard which consists of a table with the following details:

  1. Stock Names
  2. Detailed Initiation Reports
  3. Current Rating - This is the latest rating/view on the stock. Positive rating is akin to Buy rating on the stock
  4. Current Rating price - This indicates the price range in which one can consider buying the stock with a positive rating
  5. Latest Update - This is a link to latest view/report on the stock

Overall, the table covers everything our members need to know about our stock recommendations




[New Stock Report]: 1000 cr market cap, growth oriented with good promoter pedigree

Hello Sir, Hope you are doing well. Yesterday, we released our new stock recommendation for our Alpha and Alpha + Members and would like to share with you details on the same. We focus on growth oriented small-mid cap companies that are trading at reasonable valuations and invest with a horizon of 3-4 years. The one shared yesterday fits our framework as despite being a 1000 crore market cap stock, it’s one of the largest players in its segment, has great operating…


[Stock ideas]: Poultry industry...rising consumption

Hello Sir,Hope you are doing well.Did you know – Last year was bad for poultry industry stocks because of exorbitant rise in feed prices.Stocks are down 40% + from the peak.There are a handful of poultry industry related listed stocks with the major one being Venky’s India and now might be a good time to understand the industry a bit. [Before that]: Recently we released a New Stock Recommendation for our Premium Members. It’s a leading Pharmaceutical company with global leadership in its product segment, net…


[Portfolio stock]: Control of the largest coding/marking player

Hello Sir, Hope you are doing well. It’s said that investments in good companies tend to be rewarding in the long run. There’s no better example of the same for us than Control Print (NSE: CONTROLPR). We recommended Control Print to our Alpha and Alpha + members in May’14 at around 55 odd levels. Interestingly, since May’14, the company has rewarded shareholders with dividends of Rs 57 per share and the company has announced dividend of Rs 4/- per share again. Further, since May’14, the stock has appreciated from…


[Stock ideas]: Detailed snapshot of packaging sector

Hello Sir,Hope you are doing well.Packaging is a major sector in any economy.It may seem elementary, but it serves 4 key functions: containment, protection, communication and utility. It helps in maximizing sales, reducing losses and wastage and all of them are important for improving customer experience.It may be difficult to believe, but packaging is the 5th largest sector in India and also one of the fastest growing sectors.We also have numerous listed companies from the packaging sector. However, it can get a…


[Stock Ideas] – Shrimps export...what's the outlook?

Hello Sir,Hope you are doing well.Sometime back, we had shared a detailed note on Shrimps industry and had mentioned that the industry is likely to make a comeback after a lull of 2-3 years. You can read it by clicking HEREWe have been looking at this industry because there are some listed companies like – Avanti Feeds, APEX Frozen Foods, etc.However, it seems that it may take a while before the industry is able to resume its growth trajectory. Below, we have shared…


4.42 years – Tracker sheet monthly performance update

Hello Sir, Hope you are doing well. Today, we would like to share with you our Performance update as on 15th Jan’23. We started providing stock research in 2011 and you can access all the recommendations and their performance by Clicking HERE In 2018, we decided to start maintaining a Tracker Sheet. The purpose of the same was: to share with our members as to how we would act on our research recommendations and to compare our performance with benchmark indices on portfolio…




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