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As you might be aware the last 2 years or so have been tough on the small and mid cap companies with several of them down 50% or more. Things had started getting better from Sep’19 before we all got hit by the outbreak of corona virus.

In the last 1 month alone several stocks have fallen off the cliff and this time even the large caps haven’t been spared.

So, when the stocks are falling like they did in the month of March 2020, it’s always a difficult call to whether sit on the sidelines or accumulate gradually?

We have expressed some of our thoughts on the above subject at the following LINK

Personally speaking, I have been gradually adding stocks on every major fall. Also, as we track insider trading on daily basis (LINK), it is interesting to note that a lot of Promoters have been using the fall as an opportunity to increase the stake in their respective companies.

In general increase in stake by the Promoters is considered good; however, it cannot be relied upon in isolation and one must do further due diligence. Below, we have shared the statistical summary of the purchases made by the Promoters of the companies under our coverage.

We have 18 stocks in our Model sheet and in 9 of them Promoters have increased their stake since Jan’19.

For detailed research reports and ratings on the stocks, please refer the following link –


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