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Recently, I got an opportunity to interact with the students of Finnacle Academy on a wide range of topics related to stock investing.

It was a great experience sharing my learnings of past 14 years with the students.

During the interaction we covered the following topics:

  1. How demergers unlock value
  2. Demerger case study
  3. Joel Greenblatt, Institutions and Special situations
  4. Risks in Demerger
  5. Portfolio Allocation
  6. Entry Strategy
  7. Exit Strategy
  8. Maximum threshold to hold a stock  
  9. Analysing management
  10. What companies to avoid
  11. How to create a watchlist
  12. Sources of idea generation

The recording of the same is available on YouTube. Below, we have shared the link to the same - LINK

Click on the image to access the video

You can also access the detailed twitter thread by clicking HERE

Hope you enjoy the interaction.

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