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Today, we would like to share with you our complete list of recommended stocks.


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Basically, at Katalyst Wealth, we strongly believe in the idea of wealth creation and achieving financial independence using the Power of Equities.

Also, we love digging up unidentified, undiscovered small-mid cap stocks with great potential for wealth creation. We understand the fact that when investing in stocks there are bound to be mistakes, and that’s why our philosophy is to position ourselves to be lucky.

We do so by looking for low-risk Investment opportunities with significant potential for gains. The idea is to lose little in the ones that go wrong against significant gains in the right ones

You can find Names of all the stocks recommended, date of initiation, closure, returns, method of calculation, etc from the google sheet uploaded at the following link – Click HERE

[2011-2022] Performance Snapshot


Highlights of our Track Record [2011-21] as on 5th Jun'22

  • 8 out of every 10 stocks recommended by us have delivered positive returns
  • Max. return by a stock – 3,666% 
  • Avg. Return on Profitable Stocks – 244% 
  • Avg. Loss on Negative Stocks – 25% 
  • Overall Avg. Return - 184% 

The above snapshot captures returns delivered by the stocks based on the calendar year in which they were initiated.

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