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Today, let me talk about the most important habit that everyone should build as early as possible in life.  

It is the habit of Saving and Investing!!

I was lucky enough to start earning small sums of money at the age of 21 and started investing in stocks as I had some exposure to stock market due to my family background.

Recently, I came across an illustration by L&T Financial services mutual fund and the numbers were quite astonishing to say the least. Here are the details -


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The impact of compounding and why it's important to start saving and investing early

Source: L&T Financial services mutual fund

As can be seen in the picture above, there are 2 investors - Mr. A and Mr. B.

Mr. A starts saving and investing at an early age of 25. He does so with a small amount of Rs 5,000. Assuming he keeps investing only Rs 5,000 monthly till the age of his retirement, he amasses a wealth of Rs 3.24 crore at an assumed rate of return of 12%.

Against the same, Mr. B starts late at 40; however to compensate for the late start he invests 3x the amount, i.e. Rs 15,000 monthly. However, despite investing 3x the amount of Mr. A, Mr. B amasses only Rs 1.49 crore by his retirement age.

It is truly astonishing to see the power of compounding over longer periods.





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