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Today, we would like to share with you our Performance update as on 15th Jan’23.

We started providing stock research in 2011 and you can access all the recommendations and their performance by Clicking HERE

In 2018, we decided to start maintaining a Tracker Sheet. The purpose of the same was:

  • to share with our members as to how we would act on our research recommendations and
  • to compare our performance with benchmark indices on portfolio basis

We started maintaining the tracker sheet with a hypothetical amount of Rs 50 lakhs on 15th Aug’18. The value of the same on 15th Jan’23 was Rs 1.15 crore. It’s been 4 + years since then and below is the complete snapshot of the performance against benchmark indices.


Key Highlights

  • 131% absolute return against 29% to 63% for benchmark indices in 4 years 5 months
  • 21% CAGR since 15th Aug’18 against 6% to 12% for indices
  • 36.5% CAGR for last 3 years (low base effect as markets were down in Jan’20)
  • -4% return in last 1 year vs -1.6% by NIFTY

We believe, it’s one thing to say that we delivered ~21% CAGR over 4.42 years but completely different living through the roller coaster ride. This roller coaster ride is what makes stock investing interesting and difficult. It makes investors flip in-flip out and miss out on gains.

What all did we have to live through over the last 4.42 years?

  • Major bear market for small-mid cap stocks from early 2018 till mid 2020
  • Under-performance in comparison to NIFTY 50 for almost 2 years from Aug’18 till Jul’20
  • Gut wrenching 30-35% fall in month in Mar’20
  • -4% return in the last 12 months

What were the major events of the last few years?

  • ILFS debt crisis in 2018
  • Covid-19 first lockdown in Mar’20
  • Covid-19 second lockdown in Apr’21
  • Ongoing Ukraine-Russia war
  • Record inflation

Despite all the above, the overall value is still up 131% with 21% CAGR. No wonder, equity investing isn’t as easy as it seems. Yet, it still remains one of the best asset classes for long term wealth creation.

*It’s important to note here that we maintain tracker sheet only for the purpose of reference. Our members are free to act on our research based on their own conviction or the suggestion of their investment advisor.




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