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Today, we would like to share with you our complete list of stocks including our biggest mistakes.

I was going through all the stock recommendations made by us since 2011.

Found out that we have been covering 3 stocks for more than 8 years now including 1 stock for 11 + years. The returns on all 3 have been decent at 9x19x and 28x (including dividends).

[2011-2022] Performance Snapshot


*These are not portfolio yearly returns. Year wise XIRRs are as on the date mentioned above and for the stocks initiated in the particular Calendar Year. Past performance is not an indication of future returns.


Highlights of our Track Record as on 14th Feb’23

You can find details of all the stocks recommended, including the bad ones by clicking HERE or by clicking on the below image


We did some number crunching on our recommendations and found that on an average 2-3 out of 10 recommended stocks have gone wrong and the average loss on the stocks that go wrong is around 26%

However, the good part is that 7-8 still go right and the average gains on those has been ~236%

Frankly speaking, no one wishes to incur loss on any investment; however, it’s practically impossible and based on our readings even the best of the investors make money on only 6-8 opportunities out of 10. What matters though is how soon you are able to cut your losses and how much money you make on your profitable ones.




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