Capitalize on Modularization of Kitchens? Watch out for

Dear Readers, The modular kitchen industry in India is growing at a rapid space and there are some very evident trends driving the growth of the industry. Household income growth Indian consumers – A clear transition from Aspirers to seekers and strivers Brand consciousness The Indian consumer market, which is primarily dominated by young generation, is becoming increasingly sophisticated and brand conscious. A typical upper middle class young consumer is beginning to look beyond the utility aspect of a product…

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Are you selling under performing stocks from your portf

Dear Readers, During times of distress, it’s a common observation that many investors start booking losses and exit from under performing stocks. While Portfolio re-alignment is a must and one should ensure that he/she is holding right set of stocks, however exiting from a stock just because it has either declined in value since one’s purchase or been an under performer does not help in securing good returns in equity investments. It could rather turn out to be the most…

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Downside limited. Risk-reward very favorable for medium

Dear Readers, Prashant Jain shares the same view as Katalyst Wealth. A few days back we had mentioned that Indian market’s are trading significantly below long term averages  and it feel great to know that the ace fund manager with a track record of 27%+ CAGR over the last decade, shares the same thoughts. Well if you have been able to manage 27%+ annualized return on your portfolio over the last 10 years, be it through trading or investments (Read…

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Bang Overseas – A classic case of special situation and

Dear Readers, Special situations are unusual circumstances that a company or its stock can face. These could be turnaround stories, mergers or acquisitions, new products or new business streams being launched or simply stocks that are out of favour. The list of special situations can go on but the real challenge is identifying them. In the past Special situations have been associated with some remarkable returns and we expect the trend to continue for the very reason that they go…

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