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Unpleasant Truths about Investing…Nobody dares to tell you

Dear Investor, I will share with you an unpleasant truth. Everybody wants us to trade frequently, including our broker, our advisors and you know why? Because we enjoy tinkering with our portfolio all the time. And, since we like it, nobody wishes to lose our business by telling us to buy good businesses and sit patiently over them. We all like comforting lies more than unpleasant truths, and one unpleasant truth is that for most of the investors, buying right…

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6th Nov’20 – Sep’20 earnings update on Suven Pharma and Can Fin Homes

Dear Members, We have released 6th Nov’20 – Sep’20 earnings update on Suven Pharmaceuticals and Can Fin Homes. For other updates, please refer the following link – Date: 6th Nov’20   Suven Pharmaceuticals (NSE – SUVENPHAR) – May’17 Alpha stock CMP – 325.75 (BSE); 326.60 (NSE) Rating – Positive – 5% weightage; this is not an investment advice (refer rating interpretation) Source: Suven Pharmaceuticals got demerged from Suven Lifesciences with the entire revenue generating businesses consisting of CRAMS,…

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