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[Portfolio Stock]: Maithan Alloys – One of the most Profitable Metal Stocks

Dear Investor, We are very fond of low-risk opportunities. Yes, the ones where there’s not much market euphoria and therefore the downside is low while the long-medium term potential is immense.   Well, it so happened that even before Covid-19 struck us in 2020 we identified a few metal stocks. Interestingly, unlike now, back then no one was interested in metal stocks when they were available at 1/2, 1/3rd, 1/4th of their current values.   We shared one such metal stock idea on Maithan Alloys (NSE – MAITHANALL) with our premium members. The detailed…

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[2011-2021]: Complete List of recommended stocks

Dear Investor, At Katalyst Wealth, we firmly believe in the idea of wealth creation and achieving financial independence using the Power of Equities.    We just love digging up unidentified, undiscovered small-mid cap stocks with great potential for wealth creation.   For the same we put in countless hours of research, due-diligence, discussions and focus on the key aspects of the nature of business, management quality, financial performance and most importantly the valuations at which we are getting the business.   We understand…

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How to Identify Stocks with Low Downside Risk and Potential for Large Gains?…Backed with Examples

Dear Sir, Hope you are doing well. Today, I would like to share with you our thought process on how to identify stocks with low downside risk and potential for high pay offs. I think you will agree with the following two facts: All the businesses are cyclical to varying extents and go through lean periods, and Best returns are generated when a company goes through both Earnings and PE expansion Thus, if you combine the two, we get the…

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