10% increase in Savings = 135% increase in Wealth !!

Dear Investor, The key to a good financial life is financial planning.┬áMost of the financial blunders we do are stemmed from impulse decisions. Decisions that are not well thought of and are taken in the spur of the moment. In this email we will discuss one such situation that many of us encounter. Many times our income increases through a variety of sources. It could be a Diwali bonus, a salary hike, a freelance project etc. In such situations, we…

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Why do I choose ELSS over PPF to reduce my Taxable Income?

Dear Readers, I hope you all had an inspiring financial year. I was recently having a conversation with a friend of mine who told me that he invested Rs 1.5 L in a PPF account. Just out of curiosity I asked why he chose PPF over an ELSS fund and was surprised to find out that he thought PPF was the only instrument to invest in for the purpose of reducing taxable income. In this blog, please allow me to…

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