[Stock idea] – Ultramarine and Pigments…notes from Annual Report 22

Hello Sir,Hope you are doing well.In order to recommend the best stock ideas to our members, we keep looking for new opportunities and add them to our watch list.One such stock in our watch list is Ultramarine & Pigments Ltd.The company has 3 major business divisions – Pigments, Surfactants and ITes.Since the last 1-2 years the company has been expanding capacities and has planned further expansions in the areas of specialty chemicals, fine grade pigments, mixed metal oxides, etc.Below, we have…

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Ultramarine and Pigments Ltd – Notes from Annual Report 2020

Dear Sir, We read several annual reports in a year and make notes for our reference. Going forward, we will be positing such notes for the benefit of the readers of our website. We believe Annual Reports are one of the best documents to increase your understanding of the company and you can learn more about how to use them at the following LINK However, do keep in mind, such notes are mostly cut, copy and paste from the annual…

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