We do not invest in IPOs. Here’s why?

Dear Investor, For quite some time we have been receiving queries regarding the IPO frenzy that has been going on in the markets. We have also been asked why we never recommend subscribing to any IPO. In this email we would like to share with you our thought process on why we usually refrain from investing in IPOs. 5 key points: Trustworthy Management – We believe that investing in a stock is no different than partnering with a company. Now if…

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Market Outlook – Where do we think are the Markets headed?

Dear Sir, Hope you are doing well. We don’t often talk about Market Outlook; however, as we are going through truly interesting times, thought of looking at some data and sharing our inputs. To begin with, frankly, I too don’t have a clear answer because there are a lot of mixed signals. Some of those are: NIFTY is 10-11% higher than pre Covid-19 highs of 12300-12400; however, the NIFTY MID CAP 100 is still 2-3% lower than the highs recorded…

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Market Polarization: Amazing how some segments are so expensive and others so cheap

    Dear Sir, Hope you are doing good. We are writing this mail to share with you our views on the current market situation. The mid and small cap indices have been butchered, while SENSEX has held on to its levels, courtesy a few stocks. Market corrections are part of overall cycle and we are frankly not so much concerned about the same. There was obviously some excess on the upside in 2017-18 and may be there’s some excess…

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