Should you or should you not invest in IPOs?

Dear Readers, Looking at the above illustration, you may have already decided that going forward you will not invest in IPOs, more specifically the smaller ones. However before you reach a final conclusion, why not learn some important details. Note: The below details, regarding modus operandi of operators were shared by Mr. Ashok Kumar, Chartered Accountant. A few months ago, an ex-student of mine, who is now engaged as an Equity Research Analyst with a prominent broking house cautiously asked…

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You will get low equity prices or you will get good new

Dear Readers, There’s no doubt that we are probably going through one of the worst periods. One carries out due diligence, finds a good company quoting at mouth watering valuations, decides to buy the stock and is humbled by the market the very next week with the same stock quoting 15% lower than his purchase price. However there’s a ray of hope for all the patient investors. I am not saying this just to motivate you, there are some strong…

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ABM Knowledgeware Ltd (BSE Code – 531161) – Katalyst We

Dear Members, In the past, service delivery mechanisms of the government departments left much to be desired in India. Cramped spaces; shabby ambience; discourteous dealing personnel and their chronic absenteeism; demands of gratification; inefficiency in work; long queues; procrastinating officials; procedural complexities; etc., were some of the undesirable features of the working of the government departments. Consequently, a visit to government department by a citizen to make use of any service used to be a harrowing experience. Public Administration, governed…

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VST Tillers Tractors Ltd – Farm mechanization is the wa

Dear Readers, As the above heading reads, the two companies that come to my mind, operating primarily in the farm machinery space are: VST Tillers Tractors, which is being covered below, while the other is Swaraj Engines (supplies tractor engines to Swaraj division of Mahindra and Mahindra ltd). For the past few days, I had been tracking VST Tillers Tractors and Swaraj Engines and wanted their price to inch lower and now finally VST Tillers is quoting at investment worthy…

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