See fantastic investment opportunity over 3-6 months !!

Dear Readers, Vallabh Bhansali, known by many as the face of investment banking in a host of public issues, has brought many companies to the market including the likes of Infosys, which have become household names. While you may come across many analysts on business channels who keep blabbering day and night and change their outlook on market with every passing second, Mr. Bhansali is no average Joe and it always pays off in the longer run listening/reading view of…

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Don’t fall for the Everonn Education Ltd’s Open offer o

Dear Readers, While it feels good to share with you occasional arbitrage opportunities (Note: We cannot share all and the sensitive ones including the likes of Rights issues, tender offers, etc before the record date keeping the interests of our Alpha Plus Portfolio members foremost), we believe it’s our added responsibility to guard you against any opportunities which are fraught with too many risks. One such case we recently came across is that of Everonn Education Ltd. Some background into…

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Atul Auto Ltd. – Excellent Rights issue Arbitrage oppor

Dear Readers, These days there’s an abundance of Risk Arbitrage opportunities in the form of de-mergers, rights issue, open offer and de-listing. Somehow most of them go un-noticed irrespective of the fact that at times many are no brainers. They are ignored completely on the grounds of avoiding the un-chartered territories. However as they say, it’s not the hard work but the smart work that pays off and the same goes with stock markets. While on one hand market’s been…

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Get the latest updates on our previous 12 Alpha Recomme

Dear Readers, Alpha Portfolio Weekly  For the week ending 9th Oct’11 Get the latest news on our Alpha stock recommendations straight from the research pit, so you’ll always know exactly where our recommendations sit and where theyâ’re headed next. In this edition of Alpha Weekly, you will get updates on our last 12 stock recommendations. Being weekly in nature the updates on individual stocks will be limited, however it’s a way to keep you updated on minutest possible details and…

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