A simple tool for knowing the market tops and bottoms

Hello Sir,No matter how much we all say one should not try to time the market, we all still want to know if the market is at its peak or if it has bottomed out.I personally think, one should always prepare than predict. For instance, if you think the markets are overheated, then one can increase cash component in the portfolio. Similarly, if you think markets are offering great bargains, you could increase the investments and reduce liquidity in the…

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25% plunge in Crude, 5% fall in NIFTY…so what’s the way ahead?

Dear Sir, The last 2 years or so have been tough for the investors in general. While there’s not much to be sanguine about, the good thing is we are already 26 months into the bear market and over the last 2 decades most of the bear markets haven’t lasted more than 36 months with bottoms recorded even earlier. So, starting Nov-Dec’19, things had started looking up; however, the markets first got spooked by the Corona virus issue, then the…

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