Is it time to be greedy in the market?

Hello Sir, Hope you are doing well. In this article, we will tell you if it’s time to be Greedy in the market and therefore what should you do as an Investor. A question that’s haunting anyone remotely connected to the markets is, ‘Has the market bottomed out or not?’ Basically, everyone wishes to time the market. Also, I think it’s a big lie when anyone says, ‘You shouldn’t try to time the market’. Well, one cannot time it to…

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Market outlook: Are we close to the bottom or is there more downside?

Dear Sir, I hope you are doing good. I know it’s not easy to be good considering the way the markets have been since the year and a half; however, we are writing this to share with you our views on the current market situation. Well, nobody knows the future, however we strongly believe in the fact that one can take cues from history because though history doesn’t necessarily repeat the same way, it does rhyme. Right now, most of…

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