Insane valuations of the upcoming IPOs…exercise caution

Hello Sir, Hope you are doing well. As the subject line suggests, today I am going to discuss about IPO investing. Well, it’s a season of IPOs and I must say crazily valued ones, but then who cares about valuations or doing some deep research on stocks these days. Not many, but we do. In fact, I have never really understood the craze for IPO investing. Why? – I don’t know the management well – In case of listed companies,…

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We do not invest in IPOs. Here’s why?

Dear Investor, For quite some time we have been receiving queries regarding the IPO frenzy that has been going on in the markets. We have also been asked why we never recommend subscribing to any IPO. In this email we would like to share with you our thought process on why we usually refrain from investing in IPOs. 5 key points: Trustworthy Management – We believe that investing in a stock is no different than partnering with a company. Now if…

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Market outlook: Are we close to the bottom or is there more downside?

Dear Sir, I hope you are doing good. I know it’s not easy to be good considering the way the markets have been since the year and a half; however, we are writing this to share with you our views on the current market situation. Well, nobody knows the future, however we strongly believe in the fact that one can take cues from history because though history doesn’t necessarily repeat the same way, it does rhyme. Right now, most of…

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