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[Market Polarization] – Some data points…Is it a great investment opportunity?

Dear Sir, The extent of extreme polarization in Indian markets cannot be overstated. We had talked about Polarization a few weeks back (LINK) and recently came across some very important data points and thought of sharing them with you. So, as is evident from the above data, the top 20 stocks have cornered the entire gains over the last 22 months starting Feb’18. All others are in general down. However, as we will see below, this isn’t happening for the…

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Market Polarization: Amazing how some segments are so expensive and others so cheap

    Dear Sir, Hope you are doing good. We are writing this mail to share with you our views on the current market situation. The mid and small cap indices have been butchered, while SENSEX has held on to its levels, courtesy a few stocks. Market corrections are part of overall cycle and we are frankly not so much concerned about the same. There was obviously some excess on the upside in 2017-18 and may be there’s some excess…

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