Markets at all time high…how is the market sentiment now?

Hello Sir, Hope you are doing well. Markets are at an all-time high and all the indices, be it small cap, mid cap, etc. all are doing well. However, as is often the case, whenever the markets have corrected sharply or have done well, the general question that comes to mind is…what next? Instead of trying to predict what the markets will do next, we prefer looking at market sentiment. And the tool we use is basic google trends chart…

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1 data point to know where the market is headed over 6-12 months

Hello Sir, Hope you are doing well. The moot question everyone asking these days is if the market has bottomed out or not? There are no definite answers; however, if we had to look at 1 data point to understand which zone the market is in or where it is headed, we look at the following chart. What is it? – It is a graph from Google trends for the search term ‘Multibagger stocks’. It depicts investor participation/interest (through google…

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25% plunge in Crude, 5% fall in NIFTY…so what’s the way ahead?

Dear Sir, The last 2 years or so have been tough for the investors in general. While there’s not much to be sanguine about, the good thing is we are already 26 months into the bear market and over the last 2 decades most of the bear markets haven’t lasted more than 36 months with bottoms recorded even earlier. So, starting Nov-Dec’19, things had started looking up; however, the markets first got spooked by the Corona virus issue, then the…

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