[Case study]: How to screen for Multibagger stocks – Ashapura Minechem

Hello Sir, Hope you are doing well. Everyone is looking for turnaround opportunities that can turn out to be multibaggers. The question is – How does one screen for such stocks? We believe one good way to screen for such stocks is as follows:   Look for Preferential allotment of warrants to Promoters in companies in which there’s been a decent correction in stock price (40-50% or more)   Let’s look at a case – Ashapura Minechem From FY 16 till FY…

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Good news for investors with 3-4 years horizon

Hello Sir,Hope you are doing well.In the last 1 month there has been flurry of good news for Investors who have a 3-4 years investment horizon or more. Let’s look at them:’SIP stoppage ratio, the ratio of closed accounts under SIP to new account openings, shot to 27 months high of 0.68 in Feb against long-term average of 0.51’Clearly, those who wanted quick returns and didn’t know about market cycles are losing interest and clearing way for medium-long term investors…

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Good news for medium-long term investors…less competition in market

Hello Sir,Hope you are doing well.Here’s some good news for medium-long term investors that I read this morning.’Individual investor participation in shares dropped to 34 months low in Jan’23.Daily cash market average volumes of non-institutional investors (Retail and HNI investors) were at 22,829 crore in Jan’23. This is the lowest since Mar’20 and 61% below peak of 58,409 crore in Feb’21’Source: Economic Times How is this good news for medium-long term investors?If you have been investing for 8-10 years or more,…

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How to identify stocks that go up 3-10x?

Hello Sir,Hope you are doing well. Every investor wishes to own stocks that could turn out to be potential multi-baggers. While there’s no fixed formula; however, as we analyse several stocks on a daily basis, we think there’s one pattern that does help in identifying stocks that could do well in future.It’s important to know here that we are talking about medium to long term investment, i.e., 3-4 years + Before that, recently, we released our New Stock Recommendation for Alpha and Alpha + MembersIt’s…

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