Vadilal Industries (NSE – VADILALIND) – Jan’22 Alpha stock

Dear Members, We have released 31st Jan’22: Vadilal Industries Ltd (NSE Code – VADILALIND) – Alpha/Alpha Plus stock for Jan’22. For details and other updates, please log into the website at the following link – Note: For any queries, mail us at [email protected] Date: 31st Jan’22 CMP – 872.90 (BSE); 873.00 (NSE)                                                         Face Value – 10.00 Rating – Positive – 3% weightage (refer rating interpretation)   Introduction Incorporated in 1982, Vadilal Industries limited (VIL) manufactures ice-cream, frozen desserts and processed foods. The brand…

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Insane valuations of the upcoming IPOs…exercise caution

Hello Sir, Hope you are doing well. As the subject line suggests, today I am going to discuss about IPO investing. Well, it’s a season of IPOs and I must say crazily valued ones, but then who cares about valuations or doing some deep research on stocks these days. Not many, but we do. In fact, I have never really understood the craze for IPO investing. Why? – I don’t know the management well – In case of listed companies,…

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Summary of share purchases by the Promoters in Mar’20

Dear Readers, Hope you are doing well. As you might be aware the last 2 years or so have been tough on the small and mid cap companies with several of them down 50% or more. Things had started getting better from Sep’19 before we all got hit by the outbreak of corona virus. In the last 1 month alone several stocks have fallen off the cliff and this time even the large caps haven’t been spared. So, when the…

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