[2011-2020]: Year Wise Stock Research Performance

Dear Sir, We are glad to share with you the Comprehensive Performance of Katalyst Wealth (KW) since its inception. KW stock research was started in 2011 and we have completed 1 full bull-bear cycle of the markets. From 2011-13, the markets were down in the dumps, then we had a great 2014-17 and now again the markets are down and starting to recover. A full cycle is long enough and encapsulates both the good and the bad and therefore the…

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Model Portfolio – Completion of 2 Years and the Performance Card

Dear Members, Hope you all are doing well. We have completed 2 years of Model Sheet service and would like to share with you our Performance card. The Model Sheet service was started on 15th Aug’18 and the purpose of the same was 2-fold: Determine performance of our stock research on Portfolio basis (against benchmark indices) than on individual stocks basis Give an easily replicable (from any point onwards) sheet to members so that they can make the most of…

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Model Portfolio: Oct’19 Performance update…the good and the bad both

Dear Sir, After successfully providing stock recommendations for 7 years, we rolled out Model Portfolio service on 15th Aug’18 and below we have shared with you the performance of the same. I have got some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that in the last 14 months our model portfolio is down a few per cent age points; the good news is that we have performed much better than the overall markets and on the back…

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